Within the Master's Degree in Computer Engineering of the University of Pavia (Faculty of Engineering), the course provides the theoretical and practical bases of Web and Multimedia technologies.
  • Online/offline Multimedia: Images and graphics (color, bitmap graphics, vector graphics, graphic formats, graphics for the Web); Digital audio; Digital animation; Digital video; Elements of off-line multimedia
  • World Wide Web: HTML language; Cascading Style Sheets (CSS); XML technologies; Web 2.0; Rich Internet Applications; Semantic Web; Client-side interaction (JavaScript); Server-side interaction (CGI programs and application servers); HTML/CSS/JS frameworks, libraries and techniques (Bootstrap, AngularJS, Node.js, jQuery, Ajax, ...); Elements of Web styling, usability, accessibility and Information Architecture; Content Management Systems
  • Advanced forms of interaction in Multimedia: Interfaces and interaction paradigms; Elements of (immersive/non-immersive) Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Telepresence; Applications; Mobile technologies