Course Title: Quantum Electronics        Course Code: 504993

Disciplinary field of science: FIS/03

InstructorProf. Federico Pirzio (Photonics Lab)


Timetable: Tue 14-16, Room A1, Thu 16-18, Room E4

Course Description - Topics

I will first introduce the basic concepts of quantum theory. I will discuss how quantum theory arose in the face of certain discrepancies between 19th-century classical theory and experiments and we will see Schrödinger equation in action by describing the properties of a particle in simple quantum wells. Then I will extend to 3D to describe angular momentum, Hydrogen atom and the periodic table of elements.

In the second part of the course I will introduce perturbative method and apply this technique to study the interaction between an atomic system and an electromagnetic wave. I will describe the fundamental phenomena of absorption, spontaneous and stimulated emission of radiation and the concept of optical amplification. This will allow for a better understanding of the functioning of lasers. I will describe the main operation regimes of laser sources (free running, Q-Switching and Mode-Locking) and illustrate some representative example of Gas, Solid-State, Fiber and Semiconductor lasers.